Sunday, March 23, 2008

The BIG clean up

It's spring and time to get our place clean and organized. A few posts ago, I said I was going to work on cleaning my scrap area. Well I finally got around to doing it.

My husband and I live in a pretty large one bedroom apartment. Our apartment has an area connected to the living room called a solarium. It's basically the space where a balcony would be. Since we hardly ever used are balcony at our old place we opted to have more usable living space. So half of the solarium is my "scrapbook studio". This is where I make the magic happen. My little corner is my favorite place to be. My space is not my idea of the perfect space, but it suits my needs and works for our current situation.

First, I took some before photos. I have to say that I am almost embarassed to post these pictures. I will admit it - I am a messy scrapper. Most of the time my supplies will go everywhere. It is so disappointing too - since I have so many orginazational tools. In these pictures you will even see that I have claimed a folding table as my scrap space because I just couldn't bear the task of clearing my desk:

Here is my scrap area after cleaning. What a BIG difference!!!! It only took me 2 hours and one trash bag. I had to stop myself from dragging out another project before I took my after pics.

So my space is now clean and has remained clean for a few hours. Hopefully I can keep my area clear for at least one week.