Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Creating Art

For today's blog topic, I am going to address the challenge question posted on the Two Peas message board. The question is, "Is creating "beautiful art" more important than the process of creating?"

My immediate answer would be that I don't care if my art is beautiful, as long as I enjoy the process. But of course, we all want what we create to be deemed beautiful. Many times I think I get to caught up in thinking about what other people's opinions are going to be about my work.

The most important thing to remember is that creating shouldn't be a chore. You should enjoy the process.


Juliana said...

I agree about what you said - sometimes I do think about what people will think about my layout while I'm making it, and that's not the way to create!

Linda said...

I agree with you too. I enjoy the process and I always hope it comes out beautiful in the end.

Staci said...

I so agree ith you! Creating shoul be an enjoyable process.