Thursday, July 3, 2008

Sad news for my work family...

Well, this week started off on a sad note for me. One of my dear co-workers lost her mother rather suddenly over the weekend. From what I have known this woman was very warm and caring. She had a large family (including adopted family members) and was the very much loved matriarch of the family. I went to the viewing last night with two of my other coworkers so could show support for Dottie and her family.

I should stop here and tell you a little bit about Dottie. I have worked with her for about 4 years now and I just think she is terrific. She is warm, funny, and always willing to help you out. Dottie has a lot of siblings (10 total) and family has always been very important to her. This past Christmas was a big one for her family because everyone was coming into town for a family reunion. Dottie talked about this reunion a lot last year and was always saying how excited her mom was about it.

Dottie wanted to give her mom a special Christmas gift since it was such a special occasion for her family. Her plan was to put together a large scrapbook of family pictures for her mom. The project became a little to much for Dottie to handle on her own so she enlisted my help. I put together a 50+ page scrapbook for that included pictures of the whole family. In someway, I think I got to know her family while I was making that book. Dottie’s whole family loved the gift. Dottie even told me that her mom would sit and look through the scrapbook over and over again. It was her life in a book. Because of this it seemed only fitting that they included this scrapbook in the service for her mom.

So this week Dottie and her family will definitely be in my thoughts during this difficult time.