Thursday, July 17, 2008


I am sure everyone has certain things that make them smile. I like to keep things close to me while I am at work that cheer me up. My workplace is stressful and having these things near me help. I don't have much room on my desk so I have a bulletin board next to my work space that has a bunch of my favorite photos. The one happy thing that will always be on my desk is my cow.

Yes, that brown lumpy piece of clay next to my phone is a cow. It is one of my prized possesions. This cow was given to me by my nephew. He made it in art class when he was in elementary school. I was talking to him yesterday (he is now 15) and told him I still had that cow on my desk (I think he was surprised). There is just something about this little piece of art that makes me happy.

So Thomas, thank you for making Aunt Sandra smile today.

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Noelia said...

How sweet of your nephew to give you that cow. It reminds me of my daughter's little seal/dinosaur (we were unsure what it was at first lol!) that she gave us years ago and we keep it proudly displayed on a shelf.

Krissynae said...

what a sweet gift, I like you cow. It would make me smile too.